The information provided below is intended to act as a guide for those starting out on the journey into the use of electronic cigarettes (Vaping). For the beginner this can be quite a daunting experience at first

What are e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are often referred to as e-cigs, personalised vaporisers, box mods or vapes. The term vape has become the most recognisable name for an electronic cigarette.

What is vaping?

A vape or e-cig is basically an electronic device that heats a liquid vape juice (e-liquid) until it turns into a vapour which is then inhaled to mimic the actions of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Vapes consist of three main components – a battery, an atomiser and the vape juice e-liquid.

The battery provides sufficient controlled power to the atomiser where a coil heats up to convert the e-liquid (e-juice) into a fog like vapour which is inhaled

Earlier versions of e-cigs were made to resemble traditional looking cigarettes and were known as Cigalikes. Most were disposable and in general unreliable.

Major advancements have since been made in the design and reliability of vaping devices with models catering for the beginner to some highly advanced devices for the experienced vaping enthusiast. Many current Vape models now include features such as temperature control, adjustable air intake, regulated charging and short circuit protection.

For instance, the Joytech CUBOID Pro, one of the most advanced box mods on the market today includes such features as a 2.4 inch fully responsive touch screen which can display downloaded photos from a computer or iPhone, a pedometer to measure how many steps taken, a puff metre to keep track of your vape usage (can be programmed to limit the number of daily puffs), a clock displaying date and time and a stealth function. The Cuboid Pro also includes an array of safety features including temperature protection, charge error alert, USB adapter alert, overheating alert, low atomiser alert, weak battery alert, low power alert, atomiser short circuit protection and automatic shutdown (should the fire button be accidentally held down for longer than 10 seconds).

From cigalikes, vape pens, pods, box mods to squonk mods there is a vaping device to suit all from the beginner to most experienced vaping enthusiast.  


Why use an e-cigarette (Vape)

Perceived Health Benefits

There is overwhelming scientific agreement and general consensus that Vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. The UK Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England have both undertaken extensive research and studies and have concluded that Vaping is 95% safer than smoking tobacco. Many other health professionals overseas and in Australia also support these findings and promote the health benefits of Vaping compared to cigarettes. The smoke resulting from the combustion of a tobacco cigarette contains more than 7000 chemicals of which over 70 are known to cause cancer.  Vaping can be a better option for those concerned about their health but who still enjoy having a smoke and do not wish to quit. It’s basically just changing brands to a healthier alternative.

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Cost Saving

In Australia the Government continue to raise tobacco taxes in the hope that the exorbitant cost will force people to quit. The success of this approach is debatable. Most basic Vape starter kits are about the same cost of a packet of cigarettes and the ongoing cost of the e-juice and coils can be as low as a dollar or two per day depending on how much a person vapes. Some people are spending $100 to $200 per week depending on how many packets of cigarettes they smoke per week. The overseas holiday for the family or the deposit on a home is much more achievable for those who switch to Vaping.

Social Stigma

Most people find the smell of tobacco cigarettes unpleasant. The smell of burnt tobacco lingers on a smoker’s breath, in hair and clothes. The stench, although often not appreciated by the smoker, tends to alienate many. On the other hand Vaping does not give off the odours of burnt tobacco but is hardly noticeable apart from a pleasant scent. The odour varies depending which flavour of e-juice is being vaped. Second hand smoke negatively impacts those near a cigarette smoker (passive smoking) whereas passive vaping has minimal effect. Compared to cigarette smoke virtually negative amounts of nicotine and other chemicals are released into the air which dissipates quickly when a vaper exhales.

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